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Our Business Expertise... A quick summary

1)   We Buy Houses... Because of our 35+ years experience as real estate brokers and investors, we know that, if we apply our experience and standards, we can work with properties just about anyplace in the United States if it makes good economic sense to do so. Even though we have these many years of experience and capability, our primary focus at this time is in the state of Texas.

2)  Rehab and Update... As a result of many years of experience we are able to look at a property and determine what the value is if we spent money to do the necessary repairs and updating that would bring the property into tiptop condition and give us the value we would need in the marketplace to have a proper short-term investment.

3)  We Sell Houses... Through our marketing arm and brokerage services firm we are able to, not only find and identify those properties that have potential, but to market those properties. Once they have been put into tiptop condition, a part of our marketing strategy is to buy with the intent of either selling the property in the open market. or as a backup strategy, keep the property for income production.

4)  Loan $ to Restore Property... We can partner with you to be able to do the necessary repairs and updating that will place your property in tiptop condition so that your property can be sold at its highest value. We find that by partnering with a seller, we can provide a service to the seller who otherwise would not be able to get their property sold. We take a position in your property and provide our expertise, supervision and capital resources to complete the project which allows us to get your property on the market, create additional value and get your property sold many times for more than you would get if you did not do the updating to get the highest sale price... let's talk... contact us now!