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To make a very long story shorter...

Let me introduce ourselves, I am Gary Brackhahn and I am the principal manager of companies that over the past 35 years have been involved as Real Estate Brokers and also as Real Estate Investors, primarily in North Texas. In the real estate brokerage side of our history, within our staff we have over 100 years of actual real estate operations experience, including sales, purchasing, property management, special financing, partnering and construction, as well as commercial management and Homeowner's Association management.

This brokerage foundation of experience is the basis for our parallel activities as real estate investors. We have gained clear knowledge and understanding of how to apply the brokerage experience and training directly to being better, more informed real estate investors. Through the real estate investing side of our activities, we have been able to better perform our duties and responsibilities in real estate brokerage by developing programs and procedures that have benefited many sellers that would not normally be able to sell, many buyers that would not normally be able to buy, and we gained a good understanding of construction. In addition, it has been a necessity to learn more about the creative aspects of real estate ownership that are not mainstream. It is this substantial collective experience that has allowed us to be at this point in time and to assist real estate investors to have confidence, mentoring and understanding in the various aspects of real estate ownership. Real estate ownership can be complicated in that it brings several different forms of understanding and knowledge into the forefront to assist those that are looking to be actively involved in real estate investing and at the same time give confidence to those that have no interest in the day-to-day activities and decision making, but still want to invest with some degree confidence that their money is safe and will produce desirable results.

We will want to talk directly to you to determine your interests and get a chance to know each other to see if we can work together... please reach out and let us talk together... we look forward to it!

Also, please take the opportunity to browse through our website to get more understanding of the various aspects of our expertise and programs that we have available to work with.